For End Users


We as PROJAHN distribute our products through specialized dealers. Thus, we offer you a distributive trading network where you can purchase our goods and receive individual advice.

Technical Application Advice

With our specialist dealers as well as in our headquarters, we offer you individual technical application advice when it comes to the use of a tool or the appropriate drill for a specific material.


PROJAHN supplies professional retailer. Their customers come from craft, industry and commerce. Our customers ask for high-quality tools. In daily use, tools have to be durable and function reliably. Because only good tools enable you to do a good job!

Hence, we offer professional quality for professional users.

That is what PROJAHN stands for.

New Products

New materials and new ideas permanently result in interesting and useful innovations. PROJAHN‘s portfolio is increased all the time, to provide you these innovations as soon as possible. So you always can be sure to get tools which are up to date and state-of-the art.

PROJAHN has a large customer and supplier network. Daily work often leads to new and better ideas to develop innovative solutions. Together with our partners, they create professional tools that make work easier, more efficient and more effective.

Attractive Offers
In addition to our catalog, you will always find interesting offers in our regularly appearing promotions at PROJAHN, such as our half-year flyers. This is where we present you bestsellers and new products on the subject of precision and hand tools.